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village study 2


This is the study of particular village on selected issue. Village study was conducted in Parasapur village Tq-kalagatagi Dist-Dharwar.this study mainly focuses on specific content which is existed in village. here selection of issue plays important role and that should be uniqe.such kind of study can be helpful to gather the information along with reasons .the main purpose of this study is to find the grassroots we selected one important issue that is comparative study of joint and nuclear family. this is based on current condition of village.

Explanation of topic:

We conducted village study on the topic of Comparative study of nuclear and joint family. the main Objectives:

To understand how important the family is to villagers.

Measuring the status of joint family’s v/s nuclear families in villager’s opinion and families dynamics in each case.

How family system affects the social skills of each members

To identify the reasons for growing popularity of nuclear families.


Because people are more exposed to city culture and have better access to cities( where nuclear families are more popular).Even village know have much higher no of nuclear families than in the past


A semi-structured interview is a method of research used in the social science. While a structured interview has a formalized, limited set questions, a semi-structured interview is flexible, allowing new questions to be brought up during the interview as a result of what the interviewee says. The interviewer in a semi-structured interview generally has a framework of themes to be explored.


Totally 30 sampling were taken.15 from joint family and 15 from nuclear family. it was helped for comparative study of both family.


We find that the villagers are very intelligent people because they know how to solve the problem.

We found that the villagers are interested to leave in the joint family

Most of the family says that when the daughter –in-law comes to house the son will go out of house and they make the new house.

And usually they select the nuclear family to get the Government scheme .

Learning’s and unlearning:

The learning and unlearning are very help full.


* For nuclear family the Government schemes plays more important role.

* Villagers are not adjust with others easly.

* Villagers are very happy with their life.

* Villagers are not interested to send their daughters to the schools.


* People are unaware of the Governments.

* They like joint families.

* Villages have more no of joint family.

* We had some pre assumptions about this topic.

Discussion with family
Discussion with family
stayed home
stayed home
interview with family
interview with family
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Village study 1

Discussion with family

Discussion with family




On the date of 13th I and pooja went to parasapur its nearby shirashettikoppa tq-kalagatagi.Dst-Dharwad. I went to this village by walk for 2 kms.

Population of this is: Nearly 800 among this 450 have voting power.

Number of houses: 155 houses are in that village.

Local institutions: 1.Primary school is there.

2. Anganwadi

3.12 SHGs are existed.

4. Gram panchayat is located in guddadahulikatti.

5. Bhajana mandal

6. Dairy.

Implementation of PRA tools in parasapur village:

I used all PRA tools in the village: 1.Social mapping

2. Venn diagram.

3. Seasonal diagram.

4. Time line.

5. Fieid transact

6. Village transacts.

7. Group discussion.

8. Case study.

I did all these activity at evening. Our activity started at 4 o clock in vitoba temple. Before doing this one I have already informed the people about purpose of village study and what we are doing, to whom this program belongs to. All villagers heartily welcomed us and showed full co operation in doing important thing is all are very much excited in involving PRA activity. Finally I succeeded in gathering people physically and mentally.

On the date of 14th

Monday morning I planned to visit all community assets means local institutions like-a)School b)Hospital c)Bank d)Post office e)Gram panchayath f)Anganwadi g)Bhajana mandal.

1]School: I visited to primary school and interacted with teacher regarding dropout children but there was no such type of students.122 students are studying in this school, four are the teaching staff, they have combined two classes due to lack of teaching faculty.90% attendance is average streignth.and there are no students who are not able to get education.

2] Gram panchayat: I visited to panchayath. It is located in hulikatti.met with members and interaction nearly one hour’s got information about present schemes –NREGS,bhagya jyoti yojan,housing scheme,pention schemes etc.Total population-5000,total members-9 hence I collected all information

3] Post office: Post office is also in I collected all number of benfitiories like-handicap pention, widow pwntion, and old age pension etc.totally 90 benbitiories comes under this village.

4]Vijaya bank: I visited to vijaya bank it’s in tadas.i interacted with manager regarding how many people have their account and how is their transaction, how much they are familiar with bank, all information was collected.

Hence we collected lot of information through all these resourses.really it was good experience to learn many more things. We can understand the reality of rural people.throgh this we can find the solution.


ü First of all it was good learning to spend more time with rural people.

ü Understand the socio-economic condition of the village people.

ü Comparing to urban there is lot of co-operation among people.

ü What kind of problems the rural people are facing.

ü Working with people is an important tool to understand them closely.


ü I was not sure that rural people will give lot of co-operation.

ü Healthy involvement in PRA practice. Really it was unforgettable.

ü I thought that staying in village will be too difficult but people were very much interested in spending time with me.

Majer problems of village:

ü There is lack of sanitation facility.

ü There is no hospital facility every person should go to tadas village. it takes more time in emergency situation.

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Learning’s 26-8-09:

English class:

 Today our class started with elevator pitch. All did good presentation without making mistake. After madam assigned a class work regarding preparation of background of any organization by searching in google.but that should be in our own sentence without making grammar mistake. Than we presented press release on Dr.Deshs speech through this made correction of grammar mistakes.


 In today’s class I learnt about animation in power point.learnt how to give effects to theme, how to add sound effects, how to add motion paths. Because this are very important aspects in power point presentation. After that we started to solve puzzles. Practiced many problems like blood relations etc.And also solved many puzzles in class and some assignment provided by trainer along with it today’s class was completed…. 

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Learnings 13-8-09


    On this day i learnt about verb,adverb and adjective.practiced so many examples regarding these components.learnt that how to use words in proper way.

Technology module:

    In this session started with MS i learnt about home page in that how to make bold,italic,underline,filling colour,justification,allignment,wrap text,merg &center,conditional formating,format as table,cell style, insert,delet,auto sum clear,sort filter etc….


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        Today i learnt about fragments how to make sentence correct,how to link the words.after we practiced debat topic on our choosan topic.made better presentation.

Technology module:

                  I learnt some operative options in word excel window in that-inserting table,making bold,italic,clip arts,shapes,smart art,pie.and learnt about when they are used.with this technology session was completed.

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English grammer class:

                In todays class all of us presented debate topic.debate topic should include good content,justification,arguable….apart from this we were busy in in technology work.

Tecnology modul:

                      In technology classes—wetpaint was thought one and half an houre.creation of site,edit home page,add new page,update,droplets,inviting others all are thought with another websine wikipedea it alwayl hepful to change the matter and any one can edit it and save it.After it another was started Microsoft excel, understood some functions with it that day ended….

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Todays learnings

Eanglish class:

               Our session started with debate presenentation.all of us had choosan the topic and content should be the debateble.on that base presentation was taken around one and half hour.all of us did well than earlier.after that discussed regarding thesis statement along with it session was closed.

Technology module:

           First we i laernt about this how to creat account,importance of this website etc…than created a medeawiki sit account.Learnt about wetpaint and its we all clerified our queries related to youtube downloading.with this today session was concluded….

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Futur plan

    Presently gaining knowledg from pre-training after that i want to get those skills which are helpful while implimenting the those skills.on that bases i want to involve my self rural development activity.specielly relating to livelyhood a days all projects are not reaching ti people.i want to focus on those aspects which are needed.every village should stud main intention is every programm must be utilised properly.with this intenton i want to dedicate myself for developmental activities…..

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Technology module

    Technology module:

                      Computer skills are very essentiol to work any fields.for that purpose technology knowledg have been teachind.erlier i dint know anything about computer skills.i never consentrate to understand those things.when i joined to DFP than only o came to know what is the importance technical knowledg.Earlier i know  only about email but here i learnt much more like…how to creat mail to make account,blogger,googl,wordpass,software and heardware,how to make movie making and many more which we learnt after joining DFP.

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About fellowship programm

     Deshpande fellowship programm is an uniqe programm it has its own providing training to is a funding agency as wel as social enterprenureship is working in 5 sandbox area that are 1)Dharwad 2)belgaum 3)Haveri 4)Utterkannada 5)Gadag.main ogjective is sustainable development is working for underprivilaged area.conducting effective training to students who dedicate themselves as innovaters.

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